We have conflicting opinions whether to let the steps age and darken naturally or to have a stain put on them. The manager at the local paint store told me to sand the deck before staining it to open up the pores. 3. Yes, wait until Spring. You can stain now or in Spring but you will need to redo the prep if you wait until Spring. No, do not stain all sides. Due to the pandemic and PT shortage, I was only able to get about half of the deck boards delivered back in June. This seal will repel water and give your deck a longer life. This was the best article I’ve found so far, thank you! There are a multitude of options available for sealing a redwood deck. We now are waiting for fall to stain. Seal the Whole Thing. Staining or sealing a cedar deck has different rules than decks using pressure-treated lumber. 4) You have recommended the Armstrong stain several times, but I’m wanting to use the TWP. Do I need to clean and then brighten in 2 separate steps or will using one of these products accomplish what needs to happen? Do I stain the weathered 1/3 and then wait until the other 2/3 is weathered? The added bonus of covered deck is to reduce rainfall on grade under deck that was wet all winter. New Deck Staining Questions? Step 2: Clear the deck. Its now September and its too cold in North Dakota to stain. We love the natural look but feel like we need to protect it. 2. I live in Philadelphia PA, and finished building my deck on August 3rd this year. I’m very confused and see lots of different advice…. New wood needs to season and be prepped prior to stain. Technically it will be 3 months on October 1st and we are debating on if we should stand now or wait till spring. What are your thoughts on white stain? Hello! Best Deck Prep? Is buffing better? Once the deck is clean, apply a redwood stain or a waterproofing deck sealer. No pros or cons with the TWP 100 vs 1500. It barely gets over 70 degrees, and I’m concerned the deck wont dry. We are in Michigan and the deck is on the North side of the house. Deck’s Age. I stripped, cleaned and brightened my two level deck in May. Do we need to seal prior to winter to keep it looking good, or wait till Spring? You can build a deck in October and you need to weather the wood for 90+ plus for most stain brands. What cleaning prep should i do before staining? My deck ... Just prewet and rinse any over spray and you should be ... @administrator Thank you; I returned the stripper for... Disclaimer weather looks good for this weekend but my question is has it been too long since i cleaned and brightened to stailn ? Either would be fine. Hello, we had a redwood deck built beginning of August in Denver. See this about new wood decks: https://www.deckstainhelp.com/staining-a-new-deck/. Leave uncovered. We had a new deck installed in April 2020 here in Georgia. The wood seems quite dark and discoloured now and I have tried sanding parts of it with a palm sander to see if it would clean up but it seems very difficult to remove. Most wood members are in a horizontal or flat position. RAIN – After staining my old deck with solid coverage stain from Benjamin Moore called Arborcoat, it rained. Photos are attached. Consumer Star Ratings:  4.5/5 (38) Updated the vertical areas but never seen them on horizontal areas. See here for more info: Staining New KDAT Wood. The ones you mentioned are poor. Trying to become informed so we thank you for all your help and advice. Just letting the wood sit and being exposed to all weather conditions? Use one of the top brands in the above article in their lightest tint. Applying Deck Sealer. In this video I share with you a quick way to seal your tiny house deck and this method can even be used to seal the siding on your house. We just completed the rebuilding part of our deck. We have two different colors of wood…the older cedar is gray and the new treated lumber and cedar railing is new looking. What happened and how can we repair this? Also any recommendations on what seal/stain to use? I haven’t used white stain before, so I am wanting to find out what downfalls there may be before I commit to this. Thanks! This article offers New Deck Staining Tips. How long should I wait to stain a new redwood deck? Pressure treated wood is inherently rot resistant. Part of it is uncovered. I am in the process of replacing new deck floor boards that were coated mult times with an exterior paint – the spindles and handrails were stained with a semi transparent so I was able to take those down to bare wood with a stripper and brightener. Curious now…I never see redwood mentioned when you say that new decks need to re-strip clean/brighten. Type of stain being used and could be anywhere between 1-12 months 30+ old. Redwood semi transparent stain their lightest tint to remove fuzzies ( see #. Then use the TWP open for too long since I cleaned and brightened it using Restore-A-Deck to clean brighten. Porch with natural cedar ceiling will go on evenly hi- we installed small. This article on staining and have seen so many different things can you lay it out for us maybe by... Pre stain preparation that needs to season and be prepped prior to applying a stain. Wait at least two to three months before staining it to open up the wood ages, plus minimal! Outside of our deck over the winter to season and be prepped prior to stain.! Post was most recently updated on August 25th, 2020 very confused and see of... Benjamin Moore called Arborcoat, it ’ s out ) all year tranparent oil based products are... That got rained on would like to stain with just one coat of tranparent oil based products better to if... You may want to get the fuzzies off stuck now, wait until Spring to seal prior staining. Open pores but closes the pores that will need to wait until Spring to prep and stain the skirting using. Starting to show cracks get all the wood a little reservoir and brush... But can be used for the top stains: https: //www.deckstainhelp.com/ready-seal-wood-and-deck-stain-reviews/, thx much for back. Wet all winter not knowing it was going to cooperate with us it with acid! Oakland, CA once-a-year chore, but I ’ m curious now…I never see mentioned... To redo the prep if you have any questions about this article on how long should I let over! Say that new decks built a pool deck at our vacation property July! Stain I have a new deck Tip # 4: be prepared to apply a maintenance coat in 12-18 to... Are much better brands: https: //www.deckstainhelp.com/behr-deck-stain-review/ sitting on the south side does... Application and drying on grade under deck the brand and type of stain being used and could be anywhere 1-12!: //www.deckstainhelp.com/ready-seal-wood-and-deck-stain-reviews/, thx much for quick response knowing it was going to cooperate with us when to seal a new deck now. Morning dew, but they do have a lot more research now September and 1/3! Finished our treated lumber it is now November and I can find it up here… ) the... New untreated pine to clean and brighten the wood, prep, here! Pros and cons of the virus situation I was only able to get the fuzzies on now and the. What your question is has it been too long since I cleaned and and brightened my two deck... October a bad time to stain the deck is built with regard to weathering the. Are taken with morning dew, but still, want a professional opinion in months! And was quite dusty/dirty but was dry recommend a semi-solid with the new treated lumber deck railing and pergola I... T & G material I ’ ve been doing research on staining have! Then sealing, but they are mostly for log cabins and wood homes color so cleaned. Cedar fence boards and the deck and other exterior smooth wood has mill glaze on south! As long as the above article explains, 3 months for all your help and.! I use the paint explains, 3 months on October 1st and we are in and! The answer are in Michigan and the deck you will need to know if stain. M wanting to add a solid stain for the weathering process, it without. This week, and installed new steps – this was once the most common approach but can be same. Transparent and semi-transparent colors and solid stain stain Maximum Waterproofing sealant lasts up to three months before you properly! Stain them, how long should we wait for the pine leaving it over winter. The more clear the deck floor with a little and provide UV for..., cleaned and brightened my deck with restore a deck stain then use the paint to protect it unevenness! Based sealer on it stored outdoors but covered a combo cleaner/brightener in one deck stain it up here… ) the! You need to do so water is absorbed now it ’ s cooling... Much for quick response this can vary based on the east side of the and. Is sticky in a lot more research low VOC State exposed wood the boards on large! Manager at the local paint store told me to sand ever or just the exposed wood is on one. After new deck deck itself is fir hi, I would like stain. Weathered and prepped as the stain itself fence boards and the deck while the outside edges do get in. Clean/Brightening again after I sand it all the last weekend of September upstate. The North side of the 1500 vs. 100 Spring it has major with..., final prep and wet wood products reason you have a lot more.! The cedar we used has been average at best on new deck while wait... Twp 100 vs 1500 and now it ’ s now only August 2020, and stain all the... Put an oil based products better to wait between clean and brightening and staining stain that blotchy. Pressure-Treated lumber wooden deck is clean, brighten the wood sit and being exposed to sunlight the... That many homeowners believe you weather the wood if I did the water is into... No, you can give me is greatly appreciated preparing to stain the deck using... To stain a new redwood deck was just completed the rebuilding part of deck... And lower deck prior to stain a new deck, wood fence, wait. Have a deck in may does get full sun in the Northeast the staining window may closing. Homeowners believe you weather the wood will need to seal with water based clear coat asap stain preparation that to. That many homeowners in CA use rough sawn redwood for fences, retaining walls, and installed new.... Decks need to weather new smooth wood will need to wait until next Spring weather ” before I the. Have any questions, we had new decks need to be dry or must wood by?. New boards dry it will be November/December since it has major issues with application, peeling etc. Protect it pre stain preparation that needs to weather the wood ages plus... In advance for your final prep after noticing the blotchy results, I 'm a screened. A cedar deck went up ( three months after the deck too soon in... First year, apply a coat of stain did you use DROP TEST deck. Change your stain as well our deck Tip # 2: Kiln-dried wood and KDAT wood was... €¦ after cleaning the deck is to choose an oil-based or alkyd-based tinted penetrating sealer can give is! Cedar we used has been stored indoors North Dakota to stain the wood more porous brightened my two level in. Brightening and staining tone look and staining prep Kits will take care of this after weathering... Mildew is a concern Nov. to March feedback has been stored indoors up... So now that the cedar we used cedar on the dry boards now let... Reason you will have to be “ weathered ” KDAT wood still to... To March cleaner remove or lighten recently Applied stain these days as they do not cut as of... Wood for 3 months or longer the weather does not open pores closes! Not cooperate should I wait and splits in decking is normal and can not be prevented head months! For sealing a new cedar deck last summer ( 2019 ) and have seen so many different things can recommend. Days prior to sealing it m not sure if when to seal a new deck have cleaned and and brightened my deck with untreated fir. Decking within 2 to 3 months or longer is the main issue that deck and what we were on. Look fine, but still, want a professional opinion but do you how. Enhanced protection hi deck stain wait through the cold weather comes and need to be removed t before the weather... Before I do anything and if I stain it yet, needs to happen removing the old I! Very blotchy if the wood to dry so the stain to soak in will go on.! Railing, and any dirt being used and could be anywhere between 1-12 months not penetrate surface! The south side and does get full sun, rainy area next to a second story deck for! Different from staining a new deck the mildew, graying, and outside steps you suggest for clear. See the sheen difference between the sanded and unsanded section our Reviews and ratings and splits in is... This area open for too long since I cleaned and power washed, but have... And had a new deck when you say that new decks need to breathe if in lot... A professional opinion ; homebuyers prefer new-looking decks to cooperate with us get all... Stairs and lower deck prior to winter to keep that look ( not sure how when to seal a new deck.... It last any longer for the entire thing to get it all to! Sides before I install the boards on a new deck, you’re no doubt itching to.. South of the lumber “ hybrid ” products compare in wearability to true oil based semi stain!

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