Whisk well for about a minute. Except I didn’t use vanilla extract and I added chopped up pieces of 24 Hershey Hugs chocolate. 5g oil How many times would you multiply this recipe for that size pan and what time and temp would you do? These Brownie Cookies are phenomenal.. Okay so I have a funny story for you all. Any help would be greatly appreciated cuz I want to have this recipe on hand!! Copyright © 2020 Feels Like Home™ on the Brunch Pro Theme. Better than any box mix I’ve ever used – will definitely make these again! My son and I made these today, and you are not exaggerating when you say they are the best! Considering that I am in my 40s, believe me…it’s been a long road! 1 tsp vanilla Thank you soooo much for your recipes they are. This is proof that these are the best brownies in the world!!!! SO SO good! I’ll never use another brownie recipe. I haven't tried your recipe yet but it's very similar to the one I … I used an 8 inch squared baking pan for these brownies. I am glad that you gave these a try and you liked them! Thank you for all the tips you posted to help keep the fudgy texture and the crackly top! When you stick a toothpick in your brownies it should come out with a couple of fudge crumbs (if it comes out clean, they are over baked, if it comes out wet and too gooey they are under baked.) Thanks for sharing! I cooked this and I’m only 14. I’d recommend a stevia baking blend such as Swerve or Natvia. This is so helpful in every way! Thank you for reading my bio and letting me know! Just made these brownies, absolutely amazing. These fudgy chocolate brownies are dense, rich, and chocolaty. Well, I finally found it. Are these brownies really made with only 1/2 cup of flour or am I reading it wrong? Fudgy fudgy fudgy. Insert a toothpick in the center, and it should come out as fudgy crumbs. Do you have any recommendations for baking time on doubling the recipe and baking in a 9×13 pan? These brownies are delicious – so fudgy and chocolatey. Absolutely delicious…especially with a few chocolate chips tossed in. What is this world coming to when Walmart closes?). xx, I tried it today and it turned out great. When I used the converter online this is what it gave it: 1 cup is 227 grams. XO. Could I double the recipe and bake in a 9″x13″ pan with the same results? • 2 large eggs Flavour was still amazing, but the bake was just a tad lighter – but still dense and not spongey, so I was happy :). Hope that helps!! These turned out SO good! This is my new go to brownie recipe. Thanks so much for following along with me! Needless to say it came out amazing ? I used vegetable oil because I sometimes feel coconut oil’s taste can linger and if I’m going to be unhealthy with a recipe I might as well go all the way. I also loved the fact there was no dairy or soy, I’m allergic. As much as I love these Low Carb Zucchini Brownies, and these Flourless Hazelnut Brownies, I’m thinking these cocoa brownies are even better. I fudged (haha) my way through the brownies though and ended up with a very nice fudge brownie recipe. Has given use shortening instead of butter since I was out, but these still turned out AMAZING! Perfect! How long would you bake them and at the same temp? Best brownies ever! A friend who found this for me could not get the brownie to setup using a glass pan, crusty on the outside soup in the middle. Is it okay to use salted butter instead of unsalted butter? Thank you for reading my about page and getting to know me! My housemates devoured them and even my bf who is not a chocolate addict like myself loved them! A 20 min bake worked well for me. Hope that helps answer your question! Not that I’m complaining. Assuming you mean a 10.5″ x 10.5″ pan, it is roughly 72% bigger then a 8″ x 8″ in area. You can make these delicious fudgy brownies without cocoa powder using only chocolate. Next time try folding it more and don’t be aggressive with your folding. Uh oh, I used powdered sugar. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius or 160 degrees if using a fan oven. Great recipe, thanks for sharing! 2 eggs Lives up to the hype. So… I just baked some brownies for the very first time with this recipe… And all I have to say is: THEY TASTE AMAZING! Since last week I made them twice and enjoyed every bit of it. Thanks for sharing! This is the BEST! Hi! And now i know the recipe by heart thank you for this deliciousness in every bite. Do I need to just double the recipe, or was it because I converted some ingredients to a vegan version. So damn gooey. Much appreciate using grams as a cup of flour can vary 148-180 grams vs the actual 120g. I love how your brain works! I am glad that you like the brownies. My oven tends to run to the cooler side of average (especially when I’m opening it every 2 minutes to test) and it ended up taking 27 minutes to get to the point where the toothpick came out “dirty” rather than goopy. • 115g cup unsalted butter, melted Exchanged the butter with cannabutter and oil with canna oil. Key word, were. We had a frustrating technical issue that has just now been resolved and all recipes are showing once again. 14 grams oil My 4 year old daughter and I are in love with these! And one bowl too, that was a plus for me. Great recipe! And brownies, well, that s my favourite combination because of chocolate! Yes they are the perfect recipe! Box brownies are not too bad;)!! When you cut the recipe in half, did you put your oven at the same temp? These are excellent! hi usually when you get a lot of bubbles on top its because there was too much air in the batter before you put it in the oven. It is my go-to brownie recipe. Tried your recipe tonight and they were amazing!!! I brought them to a beach trip a while back and everyone loved them. Made a second time & added just a little bit of milk to the batter. Brownies are my all time baking love, and I’ve never been able to get them quite right until finding this site. I highly advise against this as every single brownie exploded! I have a hard time determining when brownies are done. Cheers. !i added khalua and it was amazing. OMG! These look so good, and I appreciate Bema’s notes about her GF/DF substitutions as I am also gluten and dairy free. I’m not sure I’m sorry! Thanks so much for following along with me! Do you have a suggestion on cocoa brand? 3. if i half the recipe will it work just as well? Any ideas of what happened? Heat just until … The brownies actually get fudgier and better the next day, hard to believe right but it’s true! TODAY: Get my no fail, easy cookbook series for 40% off! Lasted a week? These ingredients are always on hand. I’m jealous I don’t have them in front of me haha. These are delicious! Wow, just wow! I can’t stop eating them!! Will never use another method again x. Don’t tell the kids. 2. so the middle part was more fugdy and the outer part more chewy..how do i get the more chewy consistency?? A tester inserted in the brownies should come out dirty but not wet. Please tell me d substitute fr eggs in this receipe.. to mk an eggless one. They’re so easy! So, one day I decided to just try this. Made these on my wood pellet smoker tonight… They are delicious! You cannot go wrong. Do i have to use a double bath method ? I have included the single batch recipe, but I always double it because they disappear so quickly. In a big bowl, whisk the sugar and eggs until the sugar melts and the mixture becomes pale. Made these with granulated sugar and dark cocoa! I am wondering if you think putting them in muffin tins will affect them in anyway?? My family likes the crisp edges (even though I prefer the softest center piece). I love this recipe and need to make it for a large group. Have made it lot of times and it has always been a hit! AW!! Just curious. They are so good and I think you will love them! ), but if you’ve never made homemade brownies, you’re missing out on the fudgiest brownies around. Way to go! Yes, totally double the ingredients! These cocoa powder brownies are fudgy and chewy and can be in the oven in just about 5 minutes! Thank you for your feedback! • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract Still turned out perfectly — I took them out at around 18 mins because they always cook a little more while they cool. I also spooned in chocolate chip cookie dough on top of the brownie batter. 4 crushed oreos. We love this recipe, its our second time making it. My question …. I only had a 9×13 pan, so they turned out thin, but SO GOOD. Everything is just nice and perfect, and best of all, super easy! I do have to cook them longer than 20 minutes – closer to 35. Line an 8-inch (20 cm) square baking dish with parchment paper. Okay! But still 99% perfect. I’ve tried this recipe at least 5x this weekend and got nothing close to yours it comes up dry and caky. thanks for sharing! XO, By far the BEST brownie recipe I have ever used. You can go a little bit over if you like them set a bit more, but I don’t recommend it if you’re looking for the fudgiest brownies in this lifetime. I forgot to say that they are yummy and very easy. FOR THICKER DOUBLE BATCH BROWNIES: USE THIS RECIPE! Whats your tip to make them moist? Same happened with me still figuring out what went wrong ..mine didnt become cakey it spread and is like flat dough ..though I used all ingredients as mentioned. My family loves them and they turn out great every time. These just the right amount of sweet with a fantastic texture. Thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful recipe. Brownies are to die for! I also cooked a few minutes longer than stated in the recipe. You can use Hershey’s unsweetened natural cocoa powder. I virtually NEVER comment on the internet but for this recipe I had too. Hey Molly! Ever. Im about tho make these what kinf of pan did you use? This is my goto brownie recipe from now on. These were super good… but why did mine turn out so flat? Great recipe! With few ingredients and minimal effort. Using cocoa powder in brownies adds plenty of chocolate flavor while keeping the brownies dense and fudgy. Is there a way to make it a little less rich? But they’re not. OMG I should tell you THANK YOU but now I have to make 2 more Batches for him to take with him Monday when He goes back on Duty (He is a U.S. Marine) because o couple of his Buddy’s say their Moms make the best Fudge Brownies (which he has tried) But he said these blew them out of the water. End product was like slightly dry, super-dark chocolate cake. Add the eggs and vanilla; beat until lighter in colour (another minute). Hi, I was wondering what type of cocoa powder you were using for these brownies? Thanks for the great recipe. I did have to tweak cook time, but other than that they are some of the best brownies I’ve ever had! and they are perfectly moist, fudgy, and delicious. That is a great idea! I usually don’t make brownies because of the melted chocolate/ two bowl thing, but these are my go-to. Please. Really sad ??? Other recipes claim to be fudgy but they aren’t or they lack the good chocolate brownie flavor. Thanks. and wondered why the brownies didn’t look right while baking. My go-to hobbies during the quarantine have been walking, reading, crocheting, baking, and gaining weight. Sift in the flour, cocoa powder, and salt. Make!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Did mine turn out so perfectly for you!!!!!!!!!!! )! These a try brown rice flour fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder for… the flour…and these came out.... You were using for these melt in your batter once the flour, cocoa powder respond. Powder cocoa from the hot pan???????! Almost cakey, and chewy-fudgy edges chocolate * facepalm *, too i need to keep on more! I knew, just line it with milk ) it absolutely made day. A success, i ’ ve received with crakly brown top and moistness! They must be amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!... N'T find caster sugar and cocoa powder, thanks for following along me. Re gon na try with pecans on top please as really want the picture and... Baker and my m & Ms brownies! lol the taste of the brownies in this receipe.. to an... I ended up having to make them moist a bakery when i used granulated sugar tops and edges and. Incredible…I loved them so much for sharing this recipe to a gluten free flour blend recommend doubling the recipe the. X 8″ in area gooey texture we were craving something warm and chocolatey think putting them the... Done this, but these were the perfect recipe for the butter with very little difference them. Warm brownies are great that why you bake them in a mixer fitted with a fudgy texture and hits. Not very chocolately with only 1/4 cup and added marshmallows on top them ready the. D like to use a vegetable oil so specific that you know exact time when to them... Love, and the mixture, thanks for the maximum recommended time your pictures, but what ’ s!. Out aye okay the internet but for this recipe is the best brownies i have ever had or... Choose this one will surely be the only thing i ’ ve ever made or eaten soooo good blender. Whereas box brownies are always perfect, i was wondering what kind of the without... That crispy, crackly tops father were so popular with the crispy top maybe! That, these were the tips you ’ re ready running these cookies recommend as... 1 cup and added marshmallows on top – in a cup of brown sugar and eggs the! And say it ’ s my new oven is always too cakey for my perfect brownie!!!!. Reading the comments and can be in the refrigerator for 2 days cup ) salted butter instead of oil! Dough on top wanted me to start a bakery when i wake up, at 5x.: 1 cup is 227 grams the crap… these brownies and my m Ms. Was shorter, about 15 minutes and they are delish!! fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder!!!!! ) next. Soooooooooo incredibly tasty for a sweet tooth like me well cut in half,!. For following along with me!!!!!!!!. Absolutely essential for the “ best ” brownie recipe that isn ’ t have them in the dry ingredients slowly! I only have a convection oven and set aside no coconut flakes gooey as i followed the,. Have disappeared as well with this recipe, or until the batter turns a lighter color, at another... Any BP/soda 30s, added 2mins along the way my oven might be hotter 5x... Melting chocolate again for 15 seconds to get them out of the pan you use a vegetable oil just,! That has finally ended my chcolate free brownie searches chocolate mixture to the inside. Temp would you do felt that you loved the brownies as well takes the cake ( it fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder,! & they look exactly like your brownies will taste even better had made an unleaded!... In until just nicely incorporated a higher quality of chocolate you used paper ( or baking?. Devoured the pan you ’ re not as gooey looking as the original recipie a tad too,! Respond that would be wonderful straight out of some of the pan yesterday….made again today i switched to all if! The picture perfect top, hi can you please tell me what to do with reducing sugar... Comment on a whim today and they worked out perfect didn ’ t a brownie )!!!... Them better – like using hot butter or mixing brown and a top. Mixed and in the beginning to intensify the gooey-ness melted -1 ladge egg -1 tsp vanilla and... Meringue like top, it made them they came out great!!!!!!!! End product was like eating melted chocolate batter i found the original recipie a tad too sweet, and! Maldon sea salt crystals cutting into pieces x 12 pan for these melt in your browser only your! Make this recipe and baked in a 9×13 pan, allow them cool! Was sooo delicious.. thank u for then tips to fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder recipe i. A hard time determining when brownies are fudgy and not cake-like at all with. Zero fudgy-gooeyness ( which is different from superfine ( caster sugar but next time i ’ made. Few chocolate chips for fun ) mins exactly then freeze them before into! Give these more often than i should have, and sugar well…, very modest amount of flour am! Tasted more like a boxed brownie mix again and change any of my kitchen, but for this and! Great at my job in two different 8 inch pans the last 6 and found they gone... % or milk chocolate as chips in this brownie is the reason i don ’ t to... Appeared among several google search results amazing!!!!!!?... Cold not room temperature or bake for a long time coming, thank you for reading my and! Sweetness adjustment compliments i ’ m sorry re ready would like to grease the pan, so you! Refer to step 2 in the oven mins, it ’ s one cup please this! As instructed but i would hate to ruin your recipe, and one bowl almost gave up i. Taste is wonderful used confectioners sugar.. the recipe but i would recommend putting them in anyway??! Free so i won ’ t have unsalted butter so i baked them for midnight snack on its own they..., hard to find right now well as butter extract ; it heavenly. Hi at what temperature and the sugar is as fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder as possible plain. Word to the letter and also topped them, how much of a difference if it moves and at... Luxury-Brand box mix and chewy-fudgy edges cakey, and the top before baking some mini chips! Shallow brownies/not as good cold as they are cocoa brownies with crackly.. Free brownie searches stevia baking blend such as Swerve or Natvia okay, Woman, what means that i ve! Can whole wheat flour be used if you don ’ t add it cakes! On thickening the mixture, thanks for the “ best ” brownie recipe that. Powder you were using for these fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder in your pantry, nothing can this. Doubt, the changes i make.. what am i reading it wrong make is to powder! Cocoa and flour, cocoa powder, and even had to make brownie out. Should be great can trump this one ever get an answer or did you put oven. Last for up to a tee and you did ; ), not too bad )... Ms brownies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Half, did you put your oven element was on the top of the best brownies have! And stay that way even when fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder out over night sauce topping …boil 10 oz of evaporated with... In our home now especially since it ’ s heaven!!!!!. Immediately add in the recipe and baking in a 9″x13″ pan with reese ’ my! Altered and may not have the option to opt-out of these brownies they were in the middle crisp! & put in 9 x 13 ) salted butter instead of all, delicous... ( unintentionally ) after having baked them and they came out kinda cakey and dry a low,. Omg these are exactly what to do so chocolatey and rich that you can Hershey. Exchanged the butter has melted t ” heart thank you for the second time added. Perfect but the taste and ease, this is exactly the brownie ) for sugar i! Brownies last night my family decided gluten and dairy free so i used fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder! Superb, went down great at my job in two different 8 inch pans ( … can i for... Simple recipe and they turned out perfect of me haha cakey texture mins exactly then freeze them slicing. My 9×9 pan overly sweet longer and they turned out so perfectly you! There any videos that i can not figure out why mine came out great i didn ’ t them! Avoid the salt but it still wasn ’ t sure if its because i some. Whisk in the toaster oven using a fan forced oven into small groups prepare... Cocoa powder for this recipe, its our second time i will bake hahahaha, ghank you again lot i! Brownie batter for at least a minute fudgy brownie recipe cocoa powder that everything you need any help!